What’s New At Torba Season 3

This season, we will be operating a Saturday-only market. We’ve decided to take this direction to allow us to focus more on the quality and experience for market visitors, and a full day provides an opportunity for more people to join in, whether, you’re coming for the farm fresh vegetables and a coffee, or lunch, or an evening catch up over food, the market running from 8am – 8pm has something for everyone.

The good news for parents with kids is that we will be having a dedicated kids’ play area, somewhere that 3-6 to year olds can hang out. Also, our very popular Torba Junior will be back and part of the kids’ section.

Our Sections

We’re encouraging small farms and home gardeners to join us in our new section at the market to sell their products. One thing we are focussing on this season is to limit the sweet goods at Torba. As much as we love home bakers, the sweet stuff was sneaking in a little too much. We will be gearing more towards artisan vendors with home made products that includes breads, savouries, preserves, fermented foods, hot healthy food, beverages, yoghurts, micro greens and more.


At the market, we are always looking at ways in which we can reduce as much waste as possible to the landfill. However, we can’t do it on our own. We all need to do this together. Small changes of each individual, collectively can make a huge change for our Earth.

This season our message is to Refuse and Reuse first, and Re-think before taking any single-use item (even if its eco-friendly, it still needs precious resources to create it.)

As a Torba visitor, we also encourage you to be mindful. Torba is the platform to reduce your waste! Arm yourself with your eco farmers market pack – a reusable cup, bag, your own takeaway container, even your own straw!

We are encouraging our coffee and food vendors to bring a percentage of reusable cups and plates to offer to our market visitors. We are also bringing back our very popular traditional clay pot water station. Every little bit helps.

Swap it

We’re all about heading towards zero waste and what’s the best way? Don’t buy new! Taking this idea to the next level, we will be supporting a community stand that include plant exchanges, good quality clothing, books swapping and more!


We are on the call out for community minded, passionate volunteers – Torba Market runs at its best with dedicated, regular volunteers.

Wash Station

Let’s wash against waste!  We will be offering a washing station to help you and our vendors use resuables, and limit as much as we can to landfill.  It is so important to us that we support our Torba community to be Eco warriors. Come armed with your resuables, use and reuse them!  We will also be doing monthly report to see how much waste we have diverted to the landfill.

Let’s Talk Trash

We’ll be holding workshops so you can learn more about sustainability in Qatar. We are very excited to announce that our partners Qatar Foundation will be introducing their amazing machine Precious Plastics, where you can actually come to Torba and see your own plastic item be transformed into something new, right in front of your eyes. Keep an eye out for other QF initiatives. Their community booth will be back showcasing all the cool activities that are happening during the winter season.

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