By completing this form, you will be applying to become a Torba market vendor. This is the firsat stage in the application process. The information you provide will enable us to determine your suitability for our markets. Filling in this form does not automatically qualify you to be a vendor.


Read through all the information in this form

  1. Please complete your application form with all the requested information.
  2. If your application matches our selection criteria, we will contact you to meet for a one-on-one meeting at Torba’s offices.
  3. Once we’ve confirmed your application is successful, we will provide you a vendor agreement, which enables you to be one of our vendors at various markets run by Torba.
  4. Please note, there is a one-time registration fee of QR 300/ - applicable to all vendors, once your application is successful. This helps us to cover some of the vendor-associated market costs.
  5. All accepted traders must complete, sign and return “Our Sustainability guidelines form” & “Our market rules and regulations form” before participating.
We consider the following criteria when reviewing applications.

  1. Uniqueness of the product
  2. Whether the product is natural, ethically sourced, or organic (Note that some imported/merchandised products will be considered based on quality and appeal)
  3. How the product fulfils a distinctive niche for residents and market visitors
  4. The degree to which any food ingredients are locally grown or produced
  5. The sustainability and appeal of vendor’s packaging and product display
  6. The vendor’s ability to provide consistent supply of their product throughout the full market day/market season
Choose your preferred market :
Msheireb Market by Torba
Torba Farmers Market


We receive many applications and not all of them are successful. All decisions regarding vendor application are final.


Please select one of the following categories:

*Rental and stall size information will be disclosed only after the successful confirmation of your application form.

Local organic farm vegetables

Artisan Products

Packaged food and groceries


Specialty coffee and associated beverages

Cold & Hot Beverages

Organic, home-made, hot & cold beverages other than coffee

Arts & Crafts

Local crafts people and artists producing relevant products

Baked Sweet Goods

Homemade, and/or healthy, vegan, dairy free sweets

Farm with Products

Vegetables and farm products such as eggs, honey, dairy

Wellness / Lifestyle

Local vendors producing various body/skin care, wellness & lifestyle products

Ready to eat

Pre-prepared cold and reheated food (Currently no live cooking allowed under Covid restrictions)

Premium Arts & Crafts + Wellness / Lifestyle

For established shops offering local and imported arts & crafts or wellness and lifestyle products

Provide an outline of your business

List the products you intend to bring to the market including a short description of each, and their individual selling price.
(500 kb max)

Upload Your Menu/Product list with Prices (.pdf)

What makes your business special/why should you be a vendor at our Market?

List ways in which your stall will be eco-friendly and how your items will be packaged and displayed.

Mention the types of packaging used in your booth:

Bio plasticKraftGlassPaperOther


Stall presentation is important to us. We want you to achieve a unique market look that blends with the general aesthetics of the overall market.

Give us an overview of your product display

*Vendors will need to provide a minimum of three (3) plants for their stall to maintain the market aesthetic.

Food Safety Information:

Will a certified food handler be on-site each day through the entire market duration?
Equipment : List all your electrical equipment with their wattage information below:


A. Are your products certified (organic)?
B. If yes, state the name of the certification agency


Torba makes every effort to promote our markets. We sometimes like to feature individual vendors on our marketing channels. However, all participating vendors are responsible for promoting their participation at the market to their audiences.
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