Thank you for your interest in Torba Farmers Market

Completing this form is the first stage in the application process. This will enable us to select the right traders so we can ensure that the market retains its reputation for sustainability, a diverse range of vendors, honestly priced and carefully sourced.

The market days will be every Saturday until April.

Application Process

  1. Submit your application
  2. If you meet our criteria, you will be contacted to meet for a trader interview with the market committee at our office.

*This is an application form only and does not guarantee a place at Torba Farmers Market.

We consider the following criteria when reviewing vendor applications.

  1. The degree to which the product fulfills a distinctive niche at the market.
  2. The degree to which ingredients are locally grown or sourced.
  3. The degree to which packaging is environmentally friendly.
  4. The quality of vendors presentation and display.
  5. The maker of the product will be the one manning the booth on market day

Please note - No trader will be accepted to sell at Torba Market unless they have attended the trader in-
terview with the market team at the Torba Office.

Product Category

Please tick the category that applies to you *

Home growers (QAR 100)Baked Sweet Goods (QAR 380)Crafts (QAR 250)Wellness and Life Style (QAR 300)Preserves and Condiments (QAR 300)Ready to Eat (QAR 400)Cold & Hot Beverages-No Coffee (QAR 300)Live Cooking- homemade(QAR 600) Restaurants(QAR 1000)Breads, Savoury & Artisan groceries (350)Coffee (QAR 1000)


Torba Market has specific rules and regulations in regards to packaging and waste at the market. We expect for each vendor to have as minimal packaging as possible. We encourage a percentage of re-usable items to be used by each vendor. Torba Market has to approve/see the certification of any ecofriendly items that will be used.

plastic cutlery, plastic straws, plastic serving plates and plastic bags and single use plastic water bottles.

Explain how you will showcase/serve your products to reduce all waste including plastic *

What eco friendly/sustainable policies do you use in your business?*

Tell us what is unique and special about your product*

Yes I will be there selling my own productNo I will be sending someone else

We will only provide each vendor with a maximum of 16 Amps which is 4,000 watts or 240 volts.

* The above items will need to be approved beforehand

(You can check the wattage of each equipment by looking at the specifications on each item)

If you exceed this amount of 4.000 watts on the day, Torba has the right to cancel your market booking.


Yes, I understand I am applying as a casual stall holder


Each accepted vendor must inform their existing customers and follower base about their participation via social media platforms, company website and any other network channels to create awareness. It is not up to Torba Farmers market to advertise your business. However, we will showcase any new or interesting products at the market

All accepted traders must complete and sign and return Torba Market rules and regulations before participating.

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