Torba Store – Your New Shopping Experience

Torba Farmers Market has officialy opened its new shopping experience. Called the Torba Store, this new shop is less like a farmers market and more like a community store you’d find in a small town.

The Torba Store was conceived out of love for our community. We wanted a place where people could come all year round as opposed to just during the outdoor market season. We had a desire to recreate the community connection we all enjoy, and also to bring to you new and interesting products, whether they be handmade foods, eco-friendly cleaners or healthcare items, or just fresh local vegetables.

So, we reconfigured our offices downstairs to create our very first Torba Store. We’ve tried to make it as community-focussed as we can. By shopping here, you’ll be supporting local small business, and also have the opportunity to shop green. We minimise plastic bags and plastic packaging as much as possible.

Our focus is providing local fresh produce, artisan groceries, handmade beauty and cleaning products, eco-friendly stuff, and minimally processed food and special dietary foods. The store itself is divided up into different areas. As usual we are also encouraging local products from market vendors and these are displayed alongside Torba Store products.

Bakery & Sweets

We bring to you a selection of freshly made sweets and breads from some of our favourite local artisans and our very own baking team. Specialities include sourdough loaves, gluten-free, sugar free snacks, and handmade chocolates.

Fresh Farm Produce

All local, all the time. We support Qatari growers, particularly organic farms, and farms heading in that direction. Like you, we understand the importance of knowing where your food comes and how it is grown. We also include some of our very own produce from Torba Farm. With the number of local farms producing fresh vegetables increasing, it is great for us to be able to showcase the best of what’s available locally.


Reusables, environmentally friendly cleaners, and chemical free body products. We’re basically modern-day hippies looking to make as little impact on the planet as possible while also making our homes and bodies temples of cleanliness.


Our grocery section is a virtual trip through the Torba Farmers Market, where our favourite artisans offer up their tastiest creations for you to enjoy. This is the place to be for homemade chutneys, pestos, fresh pastas and more.

Torba Eco

We have been busy developing our own line of eco-friendly products. These include personal items such as natural soaps, foot soaks, body creams and lotions, through to chemical-free kitchen and bathroom cleaners, natural dishwashing liquid, and fruit and vegetable washes. Our Torba Eco products are handmade with all-natural ingredients and are created with sensitive bodies in mind.


Our apothecary section focuses on traditional Arabic therapies, essential oils, healing lotions and elixirs. These have all been made right here in Qatar, using mainly local herbs and other ingredients.

Our Boxes

We put all the best produce together for you. Seasonal, local, and tasty, our boxes come with the Torba Team seal of approval. Contents vary depending on availability, but you can always be assured you’ll be getting top quality.

Torba Gardening Centre

As a farm-produce oriented brand, we focus on plants with purpose, whether they are edible, medicinal, support your soil, or provide shade or companionship.

We are very excited about how many new people are getting into gardening and are aware that many require support and information. Keep an eye out on this section for essential information and guides to help you grow confidently.

This section also showcases niche garden accessories and unique or hard-to-find products.


The new Torba Store is located right below our offices in Duhail. Click here to see the map.

Open six days a week 10am – 7pm (Closed Tuesdays)

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