Torba Junior

The very popular Torba Junior is back!

This is a great way for children ages 5 – 12 to be a part of the fun market community and practice their budding entrepreneurial skills to a welcoming and friendly crowd. Children who participate in Torba Junior also get the chance to build on their social skills while also learning about the best ways to reducec waste for our planet, as we ask all our Torba Juniors to follow our market eco-guidelines. Our smaller artisans are always excited and passionate to be sharing their products, so remember to pop over to
their stands, say hi, and show them your support.

We have five Torba Junior booths each Saturday for our mini vendors. These are situated alongside the Torba Farmers Market kids play area.

To apply to join, collect an application form from the Torba Service desk on market day, Ceremonial Court. Please ask your child to complete the Torba Junior form (with a little help from an adult if needed) outlining what they intend to sell and how they are will be eco-friendly.

Please do not email or WhatsApp the completed application form. It needs to be dropped off in the designated box at the Torba Service desk. A member from the team will contact you after it has been received!

Torba Junior is a great opportunity for children to learn about sustainability, social skills, and running a mini business for the day, all while having some fun!

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