Top 10 Uses for Castile Soap



Castile Soap is one of the most versatile cleaners around. It was invented in the Middle East and has been in use in one form or another for millenia. It is an all-natural product and comes in liquid or solid varieties. The soap’s primary ingredient is olive oil, and it’s mixed with potassium salts and vegetable glycerin. Apart from being a great hand cleaner, castile soap also has a multitude of uses.


Here are the Top 10 Uses for Castile Soap

1. Foot Bath 1½ tsp. in a small tub of hot water.
2. Dishes Pre-dilute 1:10 with water. Squirt on a scrub brush and scrub dishes.
3. Mopping ½ c. of soap in 3 gallons of hot water.
4. All purpose cleaning ¼ c. soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Add ¼ tsp. tea tree essential oil if desired.
5. Windows 1 Tbsp. soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Follow up with pure club soda, or half vinegar/ half water.
6. Toilet Predilute 1:4 with water in a squirt bottle. Add ¼ tsp. tea tree oil. Empty toilet, squirt bowl thoroughly, sprinkle baking soda on the brush, scrub bowl, let sit 10 minutes, turn water on, flush.
7. Fruit and Veggie Rinse 1 dash (approx.. ¼ tsp.) in a bowl of water. Dunk produce and swish. Then rinse in clear water.
8. Dog washing Amount varies widely depending on size, hair type and length, and overall dirtiness.Wet the dog hair and massage it in down to the skin.
9. Plant spray for bugs 1 Tbsp. in a quart of water. Add ½ tsp. cayenne pepper or cinnamon powder, if desired. Apply early morning or evening on the plants.
10. Ant spray (not on plants) ¼ c. soap in a quart of water (add a few drops of tea tree oil)(do NOT spray on top of plants it will burn them). Spray on the counter top/ant pathway, let it sit and wipe it off)

Ingredients: Potassium Olivate, Water, Vegetable Glycerine


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