A Garden Centre With a Twist

As a rule, garden nurseries in Doha are not inviting places to be. With a couple of exceptions, there’s just something about them. You go there, someone follows you around, and you point at the best looking plants you want. Pay and then leave. They all look basically the same and there’s no real attachment to them one way or the other.

When we developed our own garden centre, we wanted it to be a place that you could connect with, come to and feel welcomed, have a coffee and some food, let the kids play in the activity corner, and soak in some greenery. And then maybe look at some plants and accessories. We wanted you to feel so welcomed, you could even bring your dog. So that’s what we did.

The Torba Garden Centre is one of those places you had hoped to come across in Doha but had never been lucky enough to find. Connected to Torba Store, the garden centre provides a host of plants with purpose, whether they’re outdoor edible herbs, medicinal plants, fruit trees, bee-friendly blossoms, or indoor air cleaners. We even have plants for serial plant killers – greenery for your home that is basically indestructible.

The centre also has a bunch of eco-friendly garden accessories which we are adding to all the time, as well as organic compost mix, perlite and Epsom salts. There’s even a selection of locally adapted seeds and seedlings available for the home gardener. These are resilient and can handle Qatar’s challenging climate.

Sammy our resident gardener is happy to chat about plants and what green leafy stuff could work in your space.

Torba Garden Centre also regularly hosts community workshops. Not just on gardening but on a variety of topics. We recently hosted a workshop on homeopathy and immunity, and will soon host a home barista workshop.

So, next time you’re at the Torba Store, don’t forget to check out the Garden Centre. It’s a real hidden gem.


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