Season 3
Starts 16 November

We’re back!

This season, we’ve changed things up a bit, and are running a full-day market at Education City’s Ceremonial Court every Saturday from 8am – 8pm.

One big market day a week means everyone can have an amazing Torba experience, with more quality vendors and fun activities. To discover the latest happenings for Season 3, pop over to our blog

Torba Farmers Market is a celebration of locally grown produce, homemade cuisine, and artisanal endeavour. We love that market has become a place where the community gathers to learn, to shop and be empowered as vendors as market visitors.

Our focus, as always, is to nourish and nurture our environment and ourselves, with an emphasis on community and sustainability.

If you’re interested in joining the market as a vendor, click here for more information.

See you at Torba Farmers Market –Season 3.