Reviving Ancient Traditions To Craft A New Legacy

Elegant design and craftmanship is often thought of as timeless. Though not everybody has the time or skill to develop the techniques needed to create artisanal masterpieces.

Master craftsman Isa Aljalahma, founder of Jilid, is one such person. His handcrafted leather products follow traditional leather crafting techniques that have been used for generations. He uses old tools and manufacturing processes to transform leather into unique pieces such as wallets, phone covers, notepads, and accessories. All are handmade from premium leather, giving Jilid pieces a more authentic feel that machine made leather items are unable to achieve, according to Aljalahma.

“We are bringing back old and ancient techniques, where traditions resulted in premium leather products that contained more character, more identity, and more strength than contemporary machine-made products,” he says.

“I always used to look back at the old ancient traditions of our ancestors and took a special interest in leather. After spending a long time practicing and mastering the traditional techniques of leather, I decided to turn this passion into something that was a little bit more serious,” he says.

Jilid now has plans to become one of the MENA regions leading handcrafted leather brands, with an emphasis on quality and adherence to tradition. You can find Jilid’s handcrafted pieces at The Torba Store.

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