Refillery at Torba Store


We don’t just talk green. We act green.

Torba has been environmentally friendly since its very beginning. It is one of our founding principles. We believe our community wants to be greener as well, so we offer alternatives. At Torba Store, we use sustainable paper bags, not plastic. All our vegetables are loose, not wrapped in plastic, and we use glass jars and bottles for our products. Never plastic. 

To encourage less plastic use, we’ve created our own bulk refill section for dry goods and chemical free cleaning products.   

It’s called The Refillery and here you can bring your own containers and fill up on our special selection of chemical-free household cleaners, handmade beauty products, and dry goods like activated nuts and dried herbs. 

All our cleaning products are handmade in Qatar and are great for everyday cleaning tasks around the home. The range includes:

  • Castile Soap
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • Fruit and Vegetable wash 

We also have chemical free handmade beauty lotions made using ingredients including local sidr and Qatari clay.

If you don’t have your own containers, don’t worry. The Torba Store has a wide selection of reusable glass bottles and jars, complete with aluminium lids, spray nozzles or pump dispensers, as well as resealable paper pouches and paper carry bags. Everything you need to stay plastic free and environmentally friendly. 

Torba Store features a selection of bulk food items. 
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