Torba Eco

Torba Farmers Market has been encouraging marketgoers to bring their own reusables with them since Season 1. We’ve always been a strong supporter of environmentally friendly initiatives and of guiding our community toward conscious decisionmaking.

With COVID-19 restrictions curbing this year’s farmers market, and Torba creating a virtual market online, we’ve had to come up with new ways to encourage our community to continue using their reusables. So, we’ve come up with a system that allows people to supply their own reusable bottles and jars when shopping online.

How it works is that when ordering Torba Eco products online, you select the Pick-up from Torba option at check out and mention in the comments section that you are bringing your own containers and jars etc. These can be filled with your chosen product. Torba Eco is currently offering eco-friendly kitchen cleaner, dishwashing liquid and liquid castile soap in refill containers.

Torba will take your empties and fill them accordingly. Less waste, more good feelings about contributing to a healthier environment.

Try it next time you buy online through

Tips for beginners

  • Try to match the size of your jar/bottle to the size of the available product.
  • Add your own labels to your jar/bottles so you don’t get confused later.
  • If you don’t have any jars or bottles, you can buy direct from Torba.
  • Don’t stop at jars and bottles. Why not bring your own bag or box to put your goodies in?
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