Native Wild Capers, نبات الكبر البري الأصلي

Native Wild Capers, نبات الكبر البري الأصلي

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Perennial bush also known by its scientific name Capparis Spinosa or more commonly as Flinder’s rose

Also known as the Shafallah plant, these capers are native to the Qatar desert. They are versatile bushes with virtually all parts of the plant being used in some way or another. They are most popularly known for their culinary buds, which are usually preserved in salted water or vinegar. Their flowers are also used in traditional medicine.

This special plant is high in vitamins and polyphenols packed with anti-oxidants, the caper has been used in traditional healing for millennia and grows throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Its tolerance for high saline environments makes it suited to growing in Qatar. They end up as small to medium-sized bushes around 1 metre high, and fruit within 3 years.




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