Spider Plant, نبتة العنكبوت

Spider Plant, نبتة العنكبوت

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Hardy and attractive indoor plant.

Spider plants produce a rosette of long, thin, arched foliage that is solid green or variegated with white. These easy-to-grow houseplants look especially nice in a hanging basket. Spider plants may produce tiny white flowers on long stems, as well as baby spider plants (offsets) called “pups.” The pups look like tiny spiders, hence the plant’s name!

Spider plants have been highlighted by NASA for their reported air-purifying ability. A classic and attractive plant to add to your space.

Care instructions:

Light watering – Spider plants are very tolerant of forgetful waterers. They can dry out between drinks but don’t let them sit in water.

Lighting – These plants will thrive in most light conditions. He’s a pretty easygoing guy who’ll put up with any light conditions, except harsh direct sunlight.

Feeding – He appreciates a feed once a month in spring and summer. Dilute it by half as he likes his drinks weak.

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