Raw Sheep’s Milk, 500ml, حليب غنم طازج، 500 مل

Raw Sheep’s Milk, 500ml, حليب غنم طازج، 500 مل

QAR 38.00

Raw sheep’s milk from Torba Farm

This raw milk is the real deal. Our sheep are free range and grass fed. We collect this milk by hand and in limited quantities. It’s too good not to share with you.

Easily digested – It’s easily digested in under an hour compared to the four hours it takes to digest cow’s milk.

Gut friendly – Sheep’s milk contains higher amounts medium/short-chain saturated fatty acids which could help increase lactose absorption.

More vitamins – Higher levels of key vitamins A, D, E, & C than both cow’s and goat’s milk, and has 50 persent more Vitamin B12 than cow’s milk.

High in iron – 50% more iron than cow or goat’s milk.

Full of folic acid – 90% more folic acid than goat’s milk.

Protein packed – 45% more protein than cow’s milk and 44% more energy than cow’s milk.

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Torba Farm




500 ml

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