Natural Kohl – Handmade Traditional Black Eyeliner, كحل طبيعي – كحل أسود تقليدي يدوي الصُنع

Natural Kohl – Handmade Traditional Black Eyeliner, كحل طبيعي – كحل أسود تقليدي يدوي الصُنع

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?kohl? is a magical, mystical eyeliner with medicinal properties

Kohl is the ultimate makeup of the Berber, Arabic and Indian woman. It gives a deep and mysterious look. Natural Kohl is dark grey, a shiny grey that can vary from grey to blue grey/green. It is much less artificial looking than painting a line outside the eyelids with commercial eyeliners; people will notice your eyes, but they won’t be quite sure why. Kohl is a very fine mineral powder obtained after grinding of antimony sulfide (from mined mountainous rocks).

If Kohl is known as a cosmetic, it was first used for its medicinal properties. The Egyptians used it as eye drops to prevent and relieve eye infections, but also protect the eyes from strong refraction of light that is emitted by the desert sand. Applying kohl into the eyes can cure a minor eye infection.

Kohl is the source of kohl pencils.They last longer than conventional lead pencils.
In addition to being a cosmetic product, kohl has cleansing properties: it protects the eyes from dust, light, and wind.
Its blackness also controls the sun’s glare in the desert, and thus it is used by both men and women of the desert.
If you have sore eyes due to wind or sun and you do not wear glasses, kohl makes you great service. Notice that the American football players wear a black line underneath their eyes for the same purpose.

It will remove a mild eye infection.

How to apply:
Traditionally, kohl is applied using a thin wooden, bone or brass stick called ?mirwed?.
Kohl is compatible with lens wear -you must apply kohl before inserting lenses.
Fill the kohl container with half or less of the powder in the set (you can use a small paper cone, it will help)
Pick up the stick in right hand to apply to right eye. Dip tip of the stick into the kohl powder.
Hold the stick parallel to eye, and starting at the inner point of the eye, run it between the eyelids actually touching the eye.
Re-powder the stick, pick up in left hand and repeat on the other side.
Note that the appearance of tears, the first time is quite normal, because due to the cleaning of the eyeball.
The usual and regular practice of laying kohl will permanently settle this problem.
Excess powder will gather at the corner of the eyes and you can remove it.

Homemade kohl is very dark, so one of the ways to use it is to put heavily on eyes at night before going to sleep, wash your face in the morning, the remaining kohl leaves a beautiful, natural tint on your eyes, which no makeup artist can replicate.

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