Facelift, 280ml||فيس ليفت، 280 مل

Facelift, 280ml||فيس ليفت، 280 مل

QAR 29.00

Anti-aging – High vitamin C & anti-oxidants – Skin health – Hydrating

Facelift is a cold-pressed juice that was created to nourish your skin, build collagen and make you glow. From Vitamin Bar, we use organic Aloe Vera from Torba Farm, grapefruit for its high vitamin c content and fat-burning abilities, zucchini as it’s packed with vitamins and minerals to protect the skin (and you can’t taste it!) and high-quality collagen from downunder. We also add gotu kola, the ancient herb with amazing anti-aging benefits, with a spash of skin-hydrating watermelon.

Ingredients: Grapefruit, aloe vera, zucchini, collagen, gotu kola, watermelon


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