Black Scrubbing Soap – Beldi, 100gm, صابون التقشير الأسود – بيلدي، 100 غرام

Black Scrubbing Soap – Beldi, 100gm, صابون التقشير الأسود – بيلدي، 100 غرام

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This “soap” is in fact a brown 100% natural exfoliating soft paste made of olive oil and potash. It is very rich in vitamin E and suitable for all skin types (body only). Beldi soap is one of the essentials in cosmetics, having the advantage of never irritating the skin while allowing for a deep scrub.

Due to its moisturizing and exfoliating properties, this soap helps exfoliate dead cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and satin.

Benefits: Makes skin beautiful, radiant, soft and silky – Thoroughly removes impurities and toxins – Fits all skin types – Softens and nourishes the skin thanks to vitamin E – Excellent exfoliant and moisturiser – Purifies the skin intensely

How to Use: Take an amount of soap into your hand, apply generously to your entire body on wet skin avoiding the face Let stand 5 to 15 minutes, ideally to rest in a warm and humid place (hence the interest of having preheated your shower upstream or having taken a hot bath to warm the bathroom ). Rinse thoroughly with hot water, do not leave a single trace. Gradually, you should feel your skin change and be ready for the scrub. Get equipped with scrubbing glove (kessa or kiess) and start rubbing your skin into circular movements. The kessa is the utensil that will allow you get rid of dead skin after your treatment with black soap. Then rinse thoroughly. You will feel your skin suddenly much softer. No chemicals will be tolerated by your skin at this stage. That would be too irritating! Once out, generously apply Argan oil on your entire body.

Ritual: Do it once a week, enjoy and relax during the treatment.

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