Torba Market Section

Vitamin Bar


Cold pressed juices, wellness shots, botanical juices, organic coffee and a cool hangout spot to learn about wellness.

Local fridge

Shop your weekly groceries from this fridge! We sell farm fresh Laban, eggs, homemade preserves, jams, eggs and more.

Torba Farm

The freshest, most variety and spray free local vegetables you can find! Harvested from our farm every Saturday morning especially for Torba Market.

Refill Station


High quality locally crafted products made with fresh Qatari clay, coconut and charcoal. We also encourage you to refill or bring your own bottle.

Sylvie Van Roy Jewelry


Custom made Bracelets designed and handmade by Sylvie with passion.

Suzy Snaps


A photo artist who loves to capture her surroundings through beautiful photography and prints.



Made of material that is in harmony with the environment. Visually unique designs

SH Designs

Personalized notebooks and motivational cards. Carry your attitude and your confidence along with you wherever you go and scribble on them whenever you like.

Kharaz literally means beads in Arabic. Great style statement and a great accessory for you.

Aunty D’s


No one in Qatar makes scotch bonnet jam. This is a vegan friendly Pepper jelly made using fresh products and no preservatives.

Noon Skincare


Sourcing ethical, raw materials to create skin remedies. Selling organic, raw high quality Argan oil and hand-crafted beauty products for your skin



The Vegan Alchemist is a fully vegan and organic brand founded in Qatar. From candles to facial sprays, the concept of Botany is to highlight ancient medicinal ingredients and healing Middle Eastern spices that are proven to heal, nourish, feed, rejuvenate, replenish, hydrate and restore the health of the skin.



Handmade in Qatar, soy candle with fragrance oil

Coco Boutique


Promoting wellness & healing through luxurious body scrubs, face scrubs and healing creams. The names, taste and smell itself reflect the pride of middle eastern culture & traditions.

Natural Beauty Cosmetics


A passionate pharmacist aiming to create a cosmetic range that takes care of your health and the environment at the same time. Her range of products are effective and pocket friendly.



Treat yourself this New Year by practicing Yoga on her Natural Rubber Yoga mat and writing your heart out on her Desert Rose collection series of recycled notebooks and journals.

Nature Treasure


Freshly roasted organic coffee beans and high-quality products. Locally roasted personally by the owner.



Healthy & Low in calories, Vegan sweet delights you would not want to stop munching through. Take away her savories and enjoy with your family.



Evergreen Organics offer plant based healthy food. Organic, chemical-free, local and high-quality ingredients are their priority.

Crepe De’ Paris


Cafe Crepe de Paris is Qatari brand with French crepes & Belgian waffles, fresh Juices.



Offering the prized Medjool dates which are widely known to be the king of dates due to their large size and delightful taste, also date smoothies.

Origin Cafe

A vegetarian and vegan friendly concept that delivers healthy super food and desserts, their mission is to spread the awareness of healthy lifestyle that suits the community.

Salsa by Maria


Traditional and authentic Mexican food; super delicious.

Bowls by Fatma

Bowl by Fatma ( @fkm21__ )

In our food world, there is no fear or guilt, only joy and balance.

Fresh Doha


Thomene is a passionate foodie who knows about health and vegan food. She specializes in the freshest plant-based food that is full of flavor, all made by her.



Delicious food, including special grilled sandwiches.

Pesto Kitchen


Producing beautiful pesto’s, handmade wontons and more, using ingredients from her own organic garden.

Ash Bowl

Homemade Persian soup bowls that will keep your mind and body healthy and strong.



Freshest ingredients and cooked with love, she’s passionate about what she makes and knows healthy and fresh does not have to be expensive.

Sit Beit


Bringing the warmth of homemade traditional Arabic cooking back to life and cracking the complexity of your grandma’s recipe with ease and smile. Delicious and Healthy at the same time.


Homemade Greek yoghurt, artisan salads & more.

December Café

@ December Café

High quality specialty coffee, healthy salads and signature sweets that are well known among the community.

Vein Coffee Bar


Serving specialty coffee, with beans from around the globe in partnership with DROP Coffee Roasters, one of the world’s top award-winning roasters.

Bon Cafe

@ boncafe_qa

A new café that showcases artisan coffee, uses an electricity free fridge.

Earth Doha


Eco friendly bar, that serves the highest quality of Rwanda Organic coffee beans that were roasted in Qatar. A part of their social responsibility is to raise awareness and highlight the benefits of organic coffee in the community.



Hand crafted specialty coffees.

The Black Cup


New artisan coffee with a special ecofriendly twist

Local Art


Healthy snacks along with artisan coffee. The first in Qatar to use camel milk directly from their family


Square meter Coffee


The concept of Square Meter is inspired by Interior Design. What makes SQM unique is its studio design inspiration.

Amp Coffee

Amp up your caffeine with his premium local beans at the best prices. Served with passion and craftsmanship.



Homemade freshly baked cookies, that have no hydrogenated oils, using natural butter and carefully selected ingredients.

Wednesday’s Cake

A range of delicious cakes and sweets, there’s no bad time to eat a good cake, hence Wednesday’s.

Fatma’s Cakery

Homemade Qatari project with a unique twist, as its all Fatma’s own recipes.

The baking Room

@The baking room

Altering the alchemy of the unhealthy baked sweets to create healthy version of cakes that you can keep

eating without any regret.

Vibrant V


Vibrant Valerie is going to make all your Belgian chocolate dreams come true. The best part is there is no consequences, as her plant-based infusions gives you that delicious treat without the guilt!

3nb leaves

3nb Leaves


Vine leaves wrap with various traditional Arabic treats hidden inside them.

Fatma’s Kitchen

Healthy Street food. Air fried wedges and non-fat dairy mixed vegetable shawarma, the best among what we’ve tasted yet.



Handmade baos and dumplings, with the fluffiest Baos around.

Crazy Leaves


Vine leaves truffles with mushroom, bechamel, onion, corn, beef and cabbage inside.

The lemonade guy


Homemade lemonades served with a smile.

Daily Dose

@Daily Dose

It’s not just healthy juices, but a way of life; a daily dose to make sure you think, work & perform at your highest potential.

Cloud & Co.


Their gelato is made by the traditional Italian method. Handmade ice cream served from a cute little ice-cream cart, amazing artisan flavors and combinations.

Our Extended Farm Area:

Golden Honey

Fresh Faga Mushroom

Sharq Farm

Safwa Farm

Sidra Farm

Torba Play

A creative and calm area that provides stimulating activities that encourage natural play and exploration. Archel is the lovely assistant that your children will want to meet and hang out with. Located on the green grass, the road is closed on market day so walk on over with your children, there is seating too.