Marinated Broccoli, Zucchini and Goat’s Cheese Salad

Check out this great salad filled with seasonal local vegetables, perfect to eat on its own or as a side dish to a barbecue.



Torba Farm Broccoli x 1 Medium sized head – cut into florets

Red Chili x 1 cut in half, seeds removed and finely chopped (use 2 for an extra kick)

Garlic x 2 Cloves  – crushed

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 100ml

Fresh Lemon x 1(Rind finely zested and juice reserved)

Mint – Small Handful – washed

Zucchini  x 2 Washed – made into ribbons using a hand peeler

Torba Farm Cherry Tomatoes – approx. 200g Washed and cut in half

Fresh Rocket leaves – approx. 125g / large bunch

Himalayan Pink Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Soft Goats Cheese/Chevin x 1 log of 100g


Boil the kettle, wash and cut all the veggies as per the description above.

Place the pan on a very low heat – add ¾ of the olive oil, the chopped chili and garlic. Slowly infuse for 2 minutes – do not let it burn – we are only looking for the flavour to infuse into the oil, then switch off the heat

In a pot, add some boiled water from the kettle and the steaming basket, steam the broccoli for approx. 2 minutes – it needs to still have a bit of crunch. Drain thoroughly and place in a plate.

Pour over the infused olive oil, and add the zest and juice of the lemon. Season with salt and pepper and toss everything together thoroughly – allow to cool for approx. 30 minutes and allow the flavours to develop.

Once cool, toss the marinated broccoli with the rocket, zucchini ribbons, mint leaves, cherry tomatoes and rocket – coat everything in the marinade from the broccoli, then place in a bowl.

Drizzle with some more extra virgin olive oil over the salad and crumble the goats cheese on top.


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