Farmers Market Introduces Ticketing System

With COVID-19 refusing to go away, public events are under increasing scrutiny to ensure social distancing, mask wearing and general precautions to protect against transmission are being followed. All sizeable public events and activities in Qatar have been affected, including Torba Farmers Market.

Already, this season, the market has been operating under limited visitor numbers and other restrictions. To cope with increasing transmission rates, Torba along with partners Education City, have decided to introduce a ticketing system to ensure the market remains within the regulations set by the Ministry of Public Health.

This allows the market to remain open where many other events have been forced to shut down.

People who want to visit the market need now need to have a ticket, obtainable through the new Education City app. Each ticket has a unique QR code that is scanned upon entry and exit to the market which allows the event team to ensure visitor numbers are in compliance with crowd ratios approved by the Ministry of Public Health.

The ticketing system also provides an extra level of safety for us all when visiting the market, and is a best-case scenario for the market continuing to operate.

To get your tickets, download the Education City App, register your details on the app, then book your tickets to the Torba Farmers Market event. Each Saturday market is listed in the app on the Monday leading up to event. All family members need their own tickets to attend. Individuals can add family members to the app under their registration and book their kid’s or spouse’s tickets.

Tickets are limited and visitors book to enter the market during one of four set entry times:

8:00 am – 9:30 am

9:30 am – 11:00 am

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Ticket holders can only enter the market during the time period for which their ticket is valid. Coming before or after the allocated timing means you may be prohibited from entering. It’s also a one and done kind of system, so you can only enter the market once. When you leave, you can’t come back in.

Remember that these precautions are for the benefit and safety of everyone. We are extremely lucky to still be able to host a market during this pandemic, so it’s important for us all to be mindful of the bigger picture. Approach the market with patience and understanding and this will ensure that your market experience is a great one.

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