Eco-Friendly and Chemical Free Cleaners

Torba has always followed an environmentally friendly ethos. Whether it’s plastic-free packaging or organically grown vegetables, we’ve always tried to offer sustainable products for you and your family. Our range of household cleaning products is a great example. These chemical free, handmade cleaners are excellent for a multitude of household cleaning chores. And better still, they are available in bulk at The Torba Store and the Torba Farmers Market. You can bring your own reusable containers of use Torba’s gorgeous glass options.

Multipurpose Cleaning Liquid

This versatile cleaner is designed to spray away dirt and grime from floors, walls, tiles and other washable surfaces. It contains no harsh ingredients and won’t leave any undesirable smell.

Veggie Cleaner

An effective formula to rinse dirt and unwanted substances from your fruits and vegetables. This veggie cleaner ensures that the fruits and vegetables you eat are clean and safe.

Dishwashing Liquid

An all-purpose dishwashing liquid with effective grease-cutting power to remove grease, fats and oils from dishes, pots and other kitchen utensils. A quality cleaner that is gentle on your hands.

Pure Castile Soap

An all-natural & vegan hand soap suitable for all ages. This is a 100% natural soap that cleans, moisturises and soothes, leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh, smooth and silky soft.


This range of eco cleaners is a great alternative to buying chemically laden detergents and the plastic containers they come in. Try them out and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to go green in your home.



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